Among the mistakes made by those praying when in prostration

It is noticed that some of those that pray, when prostrating, they do so on their fingers only, and this does not fulfil the manner of prayer, because placing the hand in prayer includes the whole hand. Placing part of the hand does not fulfil the manner of prayer. In fact, some pray like a person who kneads, bringing both hands together and prostrates upon them. We seen this often, especially among children, and prostrating in this way does not fulfil the manner of prayer. As for prostration with both knees on the ground, then mistakes here are few, since it would be hard to imagine someone lifting one or both knees whilst prostrating, unless it was someone being obstinate. Indeed, shortcomings when in prostration is mostly regarding the nose being lifted so as not to touch the ground, or the hands not being placed completely on the ground. Also, there may be some shortcomings regarding prostrating with the tips of the toes touching the ground. Many people raise the tips of their feet above the ground, even though they are regarded as one of the seven parts of the body that we have been commanded to prostrate upon. Prostration must be done by having the tips of the toes rest on the ground, so that the obligation of the manner of prayer can be fulfilled. The command relates to even parts of the body having to touch the ground, and this can only be fulfilled by all touching the ground. A person may need to raise one of his feet, for example to scratch the other, or when in prostration, he is bitten by a mosquito and needed to scratch. If his foot is raised for the whole prostration, there is an issue with the prostration. As for scratching his foot with the other, then returning it, then there is no issue in this, with Allaah’s Permission, and this then is a small, forgiven movement.