Sleeping after the afternoon prayer, ‘assr

What is the ruling for sleeping after ‘assr?

Some scholars have clearly stated the dislike of sleeping after ‘assr based on a narration which has not been established, ‘Whoever sleeps after ‘assr then loses his mind, let him not blame anyone else but himself!’ (‘Al-Musnad’ hadeeth compilation by Abu Ya’laa 4918) This is not a narration, in which case there is no harm in doing so, except that having a siesta which is before or after the noon prayer is a time to relax, and it is known by the Arabs and Muslims. If someone needs to sleep like in our times where time goes on until ‘assr, which makes sleeping before ‘assr impossible and sleeps after ‘assr, then there is no harm, so that he can rest and prepare for what he must do later on. Some of our teachers sleep after ‘assr, so for this reason it is alright to do so.