The Friday prayer: Washing for the Friday prayer

What is the ruling of washing on a Friday? Is it obligatory or recommended?

Most scholars say that it is an emphasized Sunnah, and it is from the most emphasized for Friday. There are some scholars who believe that it is obligatory. This is due to the hadeeth,

Washing on Friday is obligatory upon every adult!” (Bukhaary 858)

Most scholars argue on the basis of the following hadeeth,

Whoever makes ablution for Friday, that is blessed, and whoever washes, that is better.” (Abu Daawood 354)

This hadeeth proves that it is recommended. It is recorded that ‘Uthmaan  made ablution because he came late for the Friday prayer and ‘Umar was delivering the Friday sermon. ‘Umar did not tell ‘Uthmaan to go back and take a bath or anything similar. Hence, the most scholars say it is an emphatic Sunnah and some say it is obligatory due to the hadeeth,

“Bathing on Friday is obligatory upon every adult!”

Most scholars interpreted ‘obligatory’ to mean it is emphasized, similar to when one says, ‘Your right is a duty upon me.’ This does not entail the legal definition of obligatory.