How to get rid of gold that was given for the sake of drawing closer to other than Allaah

How does one get rid of gold that was given as a means of drawing nearness to other than Allaah. Do we give it in charity to the poor. What should we do?

This is something that has to be disposed of and spent not with the intention to draw closer to Allaah, because Allaah is pure and only accepts that which is pure. At the same time, you cannot waste it or throw it away. Rather it should be benefited from, and used in things of less importance such toilets, or sewage etc. Even it was given to the poor as charity, then that is also acceptable. It is reported in an authentic narration,

“The earnings of a blood cupper is impure.” (Muslim 1568)

Then he said,

“Feed your camel with it.”

that is, the camel that drinks water. (Abu Daawood 3422)