Washing both hands before eating

Is it obligatory to wash both hands before eating especially if they are already clean?

It is not obligatory to wash hands before eating even if the hands are not clean, but it is recommended to do so in order not to be harmed by the dirt on them. If anyone is eating with you they might find it unpleasant, in which case you should wash your hands so you can eat food with cleans hands. As for the part of the question, ‘Is it obligatory?,’ regarding this, the legislative meaning of obligatory is if it was not carried out, a person would be sinful. No doubt a person is not sinful if he does not wash his hands before or after eating, but it is from good manners to wash should you wash your hands, especially if they are not clean, and also after finishing eating, so that there is no food left on the hand that can leave bits of food everywhere and make others feel uncomfortable.