The differences between the three types of monotheism, tawheed

What is the difference between the types of tawheed: Tawheed of Lordship, tawheed of worship, and tawheed of Allaah’s Names and Attributes?

There are three types of tawheed:
1.    Tawheed of Lordship: It is the uniqueness of Allaah’s actions, such as creating, sustaining, giving life, causing death and other such actions.
2.    Tawheed of worship: It is to single out Allaah in the actions of His slaves, such as sacrificing, seeking relief, seeking aid, having reliance and other such things that His slaves do, all of which they must single out Allaah for and not direct these actions towards anyone else.
3.    Tawheed of Allaah’s Names and Attributes: It is to describe Allaah with what has been established from Him, and from His Messenger ﷺ according to what befits His majesty and greatness without objecting any attribute of Him to asking how it is, likening it to creation, explaining it away, or rendering the meaning void. To sum up, these are affirmed as they have been reported from Allaah and His Messenger ﷺ along with the belief that they have a meaning, such as when Imaam Maalik (may Allaah’ Mercy be upon him) said, “The word istiwaa’, ‘being established,’ is known, how it is is unknown and asking about it is an innovation!”