Outstanding installments involving interest to be paid by someone who has repented from dealing in interest

A person buys a car via a transaction involving interest. Then he repents to Allaah and is remorseful for his actions. What should he do with regards to his car, bearing in mind that he still is paying the monthly installments?

If he is able to not pay more than what he took, then that is what he must do, because the extra is interest, as per the question, and Allaah has cursed the one who consumes interest, and the one who gives it. Therefore, he is not allowed to give interest, as it is not allowed for the person to take interest, both of them are cursed. However, if someone is not able to do so, and has to pay, then he in such circumstances he is forced to pay, and there is no sin upon him, because repentance removes all that came before it.