Innovations: Pressing oneself against the Ka’bah, wiping it for blessings, and holding onto its cover

What is the rule regarding pressing one’s body against the Ka’bah, supplicating next to its cover and wiping it seeking its blessings. I do not know if this type of seeking blessings is legislated or in contravention of the evidence?

All of what has been mentioned, wiping it seeking blessings of the Ka’bah pressing against it and holding on to its cover are all innovations, except what has been reported from some of the Companions like Ibn ‘Umar and Ibn ‘Abbas (may Allaah Pleasure be upon them) pressing their chests and hands against the area of the Ka’bah between the corner and the door. There is no harm in this because it has been established from the some of the Companions. Everything else besides this type of seeking blessings is against the evidence and is forbidden.