The shortcoming regarding knowing the notables of this Nation

There is a shortcoming regarding knowing the notables and role models of this Nation to the extent that the young Muslims know notables from the Jews and Christians more than they know the virtuous people of this Nation, especially the contemporary ones. You find names repeated on the news which they memorize, and if a person is asked about the best of this Nation among the companions and successors, they would be silent and not answer, let alone you find them naming those they call stars, whether in art, football, or other field. Young Muslims know such people and if you say to a student at high school or university, ‘List for me the seven jurists among the succeeding generation to the companions!,’ he would not know them, or if you ask about the ’’Abdullahs,’ he would not know them. Yet he would know the members of such-and-such a team one by one, and all this is because of interest. Some young people and even adults, list cars, their specifications, models, and does not know much which relates to that which Allaah has obligated upon him.