Weeping and fainting when struck with a calamity

Is crying and fainting, when calamity strikes a person, considered being angry with the decree of Allaah?

Yes, there is a narration of the Prophet ﷺ in which he said,

“Indeed, the deceased person is punished for the crying of his family over him.”
(Bukhaary 1286)

A person must be patient when calamity strikes. Crying out loud is not permissible, as for weeping with tears running down your face, and grief of the heart, then this is not something a person will be taken to task for, as mentioned in a narration of the Prophet ﷺ,

Indeed the eye sheds tears, and the heart grieves; however, we will not say anything unless it is to please our Lord.” (Bukhaary, 1303)

Therefore, wailing, and fainting which is much worse, is without doubt a result of impatience, deep worry and displeasure at Allaah’s Decree. Things of this nature are not allowed