I am a man who has become lazy with regards to praying in congregation in the mosque. I now prefer to pray at home and by Allaah I am astonished at my condition and do not know how I came to be like this. Please benefit me, may Allaah reward you.

What is the ruling of washing on a Friday? Is it obligatory or recommended?

A person sells something to someone for 3,000 Riyals to be paid in installments over a period of 3 months, bearing in mind that the cost would be 2,000 Riyals if paid in one go. Once the agreement is done, a third person comes along and pays for the goods in one go for 2,000 Riyals, and then agrees to take on the three installments from the buyer for 3,000 Riyals. Is this transaction correct?

What is the ruling of giving bribes, and what are its forms?

Is semen considered impure when you get it on your clothes?

The questioner asks, He is a young man who diligently observes his prayer, Praise be to Allaah; however, he regularly masturbates. He tries to stop but cannot. What do you advise him to do? Is it prohibited?

Is the pilgrimage valid for a person who stops at ‘Arafah during pilgrimage, and does not intend to do so, but he has intended to perform pilgrimage?

A person prays the night prayer, then he is overcome by sleep so he lies down on the prayer mat and sleeps for about an hour. After he wakes up, should he carry on praying or go and make ablution again?

Once I had finished from making the minor pilgrimage, I shaved my hair and returned back to the hotel to change into my normal clothes, and I realized that I still had my pants on. Is there something I need to do to make up for this?

What body parts of a woman is permissible to be seen by her young son? Is he allowed to wash her if she passes away?

If I hear someone repeatedly sneeze, should I say each time Yarhamuka-llaah!, May Allaah’s Mercy be upon you!? Has the statement Shafaaka-llaah!, ‘May Allaah cure you!’ been reported?

What is the meaning of rushd, where Allaah has ordered to transfer the wealth of an orphan over to him once he reaches that age and we find this characteristic in him?

Has something been reported from ‘Umar ibn Al-Khatt-ttaab  concerning the issue of investing wealth of orphans? Also, does the person overseeing the investment take a percentage?

Are voluntary prayers equal to compulsory prayers at the Sacred Mosque? Also, is it better for a traveler to offer the Sunnah prayers before and after compulsory prayers at the Sacred Precinct?

What is the ruling on the phrase, ‘I have done my duty; the rest is upon Allaah!’

If a person seeks Zamzam water upon which the Qur'aan has been read over, will that excluded him from the 70,000 people that will enter Paradise without any reckoning?

I do not find the sweetness of faith as I used to when I was younger, when I did acts of worship. What is the cure to this problem of mine, can I find out the cause?

Is it considered backbiting when teachers discuss the strong and weak points of a student and his abilities, and whether he should remain or expelled from school?

I used to watch prohibited video clips and pictures and then share it with my friends and circulate it on a massive scale. I have repented from all of that, but what do I do about the video clips and pictures which I shared with people in the past?

I have heard some people saying, ‘If you are praying and the congregational prayer starts, end your prayer with salutations to the right regardless of which stage of prayer you are at and join the imaam.’ Is doing this correct?