Giving advice when buying and selling

“Giving advice to every Muslim…”

This goes to the extent that Jareer, in advice, bought a steed for 300 units of currency, and when the contract was being agreed, he said to its owner, “Your steed is worth more than 300. Will you sell it for 400?” The owner replied, ‘Yes!’ When he said, ‘Yes!,’ Jareer said, “Your steed is worth more than that!” This situation repeated until the worth was three-fold the original. All of this is part of advice. Also, sellers, and I do not say all, but some, have very different behaviors. You may find a person who sees a seller with an item the worth of which has increased, but the shop owner does not know and he has had the item for a long time. If the seller says, ‘This item is for 500.’ and the buyer knows its value has reached 1,000, the latter says, “No, brother. 500 is a lot. Let it be 300!” He does not say your item is worth more, like Jareer said. No! In that case, it may have been 300 and the person would have been prepared to buy it for 500. If the seller says, “I will sell it.” straight away, the buyer would think again even say, ‘The only reason he decided and sold it that quickly is because I have bought it at a loss.’ We then find the buyer barter even though the price is low. Some may even use double-mean and say he had seen it sold for such-and-such. He may have seen it a decade earlier for example, and he now says, “By Allaah! I have seen it for sale for 300.” That was possible a decade ago. He did not lie. He had seen it, but when? That was a different time, and the values differ from one time to another. Thus, a person has to give advice to every Muslim. Also, completely trust in the fact that the advice will never put you at a loss in this life, but that which is apparent is gain. We have seen traders who advise buyers, saying, “By Allaah! I have bought this item for a high price and I am not selling it at a loss, but so-and-so sells it for less because he was able to buy it for less.” This is advising the seller. Just as there is advising the buyer, there is advising the buyer. Likewise, advising the general Muslims is just as required as advising specific individuals among them.