Being gentle when giving advice

For the common people, advising them is through openly guiding them towards that which is good and warding them off evil through being gentle, wisdom, and lenient. They should be guided towards that which rectifies their affairs in their religion and world. There is no issue in highlighting some of their good characteristics, such as saying, ‘By Allaah, so-and-so! It is noticed that, with Allaah’s Permission, you go early to the mosque, keep up with prayers, recite much Qur’aan, and, with Allaah’s Permission, everyone supplicates for, and praises you. However, it is also noticed that your garment goes a little below the ankle, and you know well the reported words of the Prophet ﷺ,

“Any garment reaching to lower than the ankles is in the Fire!”

One would not think you drag your garment out of pride, but this is the Text!’ The advising person has to exemplify the manner which achieves the benefit. Through such an example, the person who is being advised, would accept the Truth. However, if you said directly to him, ‘Do you know that your lower part is in the Fire? and Abu Ttaalib wears sandals of fire which cause his brain to boil.,’ what will he reply? Mostly, the person will not accept this. On the other hand, through a suitable manner which explains good characteristics he has first, the advising person can touch his heart.