A believer state when he lives in this world as a stranger or a traveler

If we imagine a person who did not have a home to live in, nor children nor belongings, and he is in a place where he does not know anyone, will he be comfortable? No, he will not. Rather, he will be worried and anxious, and he would not care for what residents would care for. If a person imagines himself in this situation, this would make him ascetic towards this life, be rid of its burdens, and he would work for the Hereafter. A stranger is more settled than a traveler because a stranger may reside in a country, live in a house, drive a car, and so on; however, he does not know anyone nor is he known. Thus, he pays little attention with those he knows not, nor is he concerned with much of what resident ague about. Likewise, the one who regards himself as a stranger in this world, he has this feeling of lack of concern with this world, and much attention and importance to do righteous actions. If he transcends from the status of being a stranger and imagines himself as a traveler, such as a man who has come from the farthest East or West for pilgrimage, and passed by many lands through his travel, will such as person get attached to the lands he has passed by more so than the land he is travelling for? Will he till the land? Will he build houses or make rivers? No, he will not any such thing. Rather, he will restrict himself to do what his provisions and riding animal will be used to help me carry out.