True loss

In reality, a person at loss is one who has transgressed, broken agreements, broken that which Allaah ordered to be performed, and spread corruption upon the land. That is true loss. As for a person who sells an item for a small loss and buys for a thousand Riyaals and sells for 800 or 900, this is a loss custom. However, how does this life compare to the Hereafter?! If a person’s life, however long, with limited number of breaths, lives it all in trials, poverty, need, hunger and fear, all of that is nothing compared to a grief in the Hereafter. People at loss then are only in that state because they have entered the Fire eternally for them. Ever-lasting Punishment and a never-ending grief. This is in contrast to the other category of people who have been described with opposite descriptions to those entering the Fire. Such opposite descriptions include adhering to obeying Allaah  by carrying out the Orders and staying away from the Prohibitions. People with such characteristics are the pious who perform that which Allaah ordered to be performed, rectify the land through their righteous actions, and rectify themselves and others. Any person who achieves such characteristics achieves success in this life and the Hereafter. Conversely, those who have characteristics of losers, truly lose after which there is no triumph or success.