Do not be absolutely certain of salvation

If you become upright on the straight Path and adhere to the Rope of Allaah, followed the Guidance which the Prophet ﷺ brought, and avoid innovations and its people, do not judge that you will certainly be successful. On the contrary, suspect yourself of having shortcomings, because the road is long and thorny, and the hearts are between two fingers of the All Merciful, and, in this world, a person is like one who is drowning and asking Allaah  to be saved, and to die in a good state and upon Islaam.Your habit should not be to believe anything for certain. This is despite the fact that if a person adheres to the Rope of Allaah, truly follows the Guidance, and is not an innovator, generally, he is judged to be certainly saved, but who can judge him to have a valid adherence without any issue in sincerity?! If valid, who can guarantee you die upon it?! None knows that which is in the hearts except the Knower of the Unseen, and people’s endings are in the Hands of Allaah. As for us, we hope for reward for a righteous person, and we fear punishment for a disobedient person, and the belief of those upon the Sunnah in this regard is that, indeed, they do not judge any person who prays towards our direction of prayer that he will certainly be from the people of Allah’s Garden or the Fire.