Encouraging Qur’aan memorizors to learn that which is in it and act by it

Being concerned with memorising, reciting and reading the Qur’aan is a required matter but it is not enough. A person must be concerned with reciting it in the manner he is ordered to carry out. Many students of knowledge recite the Qur’aan and even memorize, recite it well. When they guarantee this, they neglect it and go to sleep. One does not find in their daily program a set part for reciting the Qur’aan in the manner they are ordered to carry out. This is in addition to being concerned with that which helps the person to understand and reflect upon the Qur’aan of looking into the accepted explanations of the Qur’aan by trustworthy scholars. It is rare and little to find concern with Allaah’s Book regarding understanding it and reflecting upon its meanings.

So reflect upon the Qur’aan if you aim for Guidance            
for knowledge emanates from reflecting upon the Qur’aan
(Nooniyyah Ibn Al-Qayyim, p. 49)

Some people make do with only memorising the Qur’aan and reciting it well, and others do more and recite it in different modes of recitation. They also make sure they have permission to recite the Qur’aan by a number of Shaykhs, so they can become people of the Qur’aan. However, as Ibn Al-Qayyim said, “The people of the Qur’aan are the most knowing and practicing by it, even if they have not memorised it by rote.” (Zaad Al-Ma’aad, 1:327)