A man watching pornography and his wife admonishes Him

My husband watches pornography on the internet despite having memorised the entire Qur’aan. I have given him advice many times, but he gets angry with me. What should I do?

It is not befitting for a Muslim nor is it the conduct of a Muslim to watch pornography. This is despite the fact that Allaah had placed him in no need of doing so since he has a wife as well as the fact that Allaah has blessed him to memorise the entire Qur’aan. This thing is becoming common amongst Muslims. It is not permissible for men and women, whether married or single, to watch something which Allaah has made prohiobited for them. Does this person who has memorised the entire Qur’aan, not fear Allaah will remove it from his heart? It is recorded from some of the righteous predecessors that they looked at something unlawful once and it caused them to forget the Qur’aan after a long period. This, what will happen to the person who sits and watches such things? Does he not fear Allaah that He may remove this massive blessing which has no comparison after the blessing of being Muslim, the blessing of knowing the entire Qur’aan by heart and being able to recite it whenever and wherever he likes! May Allaah help us.