Saving children’s toys which are in the form of creatures which possess souls

When there are children’s toys in the house in the form of creatures that possess souls, and the children no longer play with them because they have grown out of them, is it permissible to save them for the next child being that their mother is now pregnant?

If these toys are allowed, such as the children’s toys ‘Aa’ishah (may Allaah’s Pleasure be upon her) and other than her from the daughters of the righteous predecessors, and those who came after them up until recent times, had, which are like a large cushion and a smaller one for a head, particularly the ones for girls which train them in caring and looking after babies and similar items, there is no harm in reserving them for children who are yet to be born. Then, we have those children’s toys which resemble living creatures in great detail and closely resemble the creation of Allaah, the Mighty and Majestic, up to a level that they can act like creatures without having an actual mind. For example, some of them start to dance when you clap, when you press them, they close their eyes, and when they sit up, they open their eyes. These in my opinion are prohibited bodily forms, and Allaah knows best.