Major sins and prohibitions: Making sweets in the shape of animals

What is the ruling about making sweets in the shape of animate objects such as rabbits and the like? What is the ruling of decorating sweets in this manner and painting it?

Firstly, making pictures of animate beings is prohibited. There is very strong condemnation about it in the hadeeths. A person who does this will be told to give life to it in the Hereafter. He will try to blow life into it without avail. The people who will receive the severest punishment are artists who make pictures of animate beings. The Prophet ﷺ cursed such artists. These foodstuffs apparently take the shape of an animate body, and therefore it comes under the prohibition. It is worth noting that it is not from being grateful for blessings to use them to commit something prohibited. Thus, fear Allaah, the Most Exalted. Whoever makes food, which is a blessing from Allaah, he should reciprocate it with gratitude. It is not permissible in any circumstance to make animate shapes whether they are human, animal, bird or otherwise.