Idle talk

Unfortunately, many people have made it their occupation so-and-so said and so-and-so said, al-qeel wa al-qaal, especially after arising trials which has overswept people and they have engaged in. You would find their gatherings full of statements of some people and what is conveyed by various media channels, whether seen, heard or read. Likewise, you find some people incessantly attack the honor of Muslims. They criticize for the least occasion, and you find their ‘tongues all ready,’ as they say, and they criticize everyone, the good among them and others. You find people who do this, and this is from observation, those whose occupation is al-qeel wa al-qaal, unable to control their tongues in situations where there have been reports about guarding the tongue. Likewise, they are unable to sit with good people who guard their tongues and hearing against al-qeel wa al-qaal. You would find for such a person that the heaviest gathering for him is accompany a person who is careful in the words he says, and reminds others of Allaah and admonishes against backbiting. Hence, we have to pay attention to not talk without holding ourselves to account. Will this word benefit me on the Day of Resurrection when I meet Allaah , or will it harm me? If it from what will benefit me, then I will proceed, but if it harms, I will refrain, and if it is neither,

“It is from a person’s good practice of Islaam to leave that which does not concern him!”