Every person who dies is remorseful, even the righteous

It is narrated from Abu Hurayrah, attributed to the Prophet ﷺ,

“Any person who dies is remorseful!”

They asked, ‘And why is he remorseful?’ He replied,

“If he was righteous, he is remorseful over not having done more righteousness,…”

This is for a righteous person, who performs the obligations, stays away from the Prohibitions, and performs permissible actions. Despite this, he is remorseful because he wished to have done more righteous actions. For example, instead of fasting three days a month, he wished to have fasted 10, and instead of finishing reciting the Qur’aan  every seven days, he wished to have done it in three, and so on for other actions. He wishes to have done more.

… and if he did evil, he is remorseful over not having stopped from doing so!” (Tirmithy 2403)

This means that he did not reflect with himself and repent. A poet said,

Seize the opportunity and virtue of bowing in spare time            
            lest that your death comes asudden
How many healthy peerson have you seen with no ailment            
            lose his healthy soul asudden

(from the poetry of Imaam Bukhaary (may Allaah’s Mercy be upon him))