Socializing without purpose

A person has to gather with others because, as Ibn Al-Qayyim, Ibn Khaldoon and others said, “A person is social by nature.” (Zaad Al-Ma’aad, Provisions for the Hereafter, 3:11, and Muqaddimah ibn Khaldoon, The Introduction of Ibn Khaldoon, p. 137) They may have a need for others, or others have a need for them. There is no issue in such gatherings; however, a person should lessen it. That which has affected many students of knowledge is due to socializing, when many hours would pass them by, and they would stay up the whole nite. Then, if any of them tries and strives to perform the last prayer of odd-numbered units, he would be too tired to pray more than a small number of units, without his heart in attendance. The person may be too tired to carry out actions of obedience. The cause of all this is socializing without purpose.