The problem of not feeling the sweetness of faith

I do not find the sweetness of faith as I used to when I was younger, when I did acts of worship. What is the cure to this problem of mine, can I find out the cause?

The reason for that is heedlessness and doing actions and acts of worship with the body but not involving the heart. You must look at yourself and involve your heart and remember that you are worshipping Allaah, carrying out His orders, sincerely worshipping Him and following His Prophet ﷺ. In an authentic narration reported by Muslim and others, the Prophet ﷺ said,

“The sweetness of faith is tasted by the one who is pleased with Allaah as his Lord, and with Islaam as his religion, and with Muhammad ﷺ as his Messenger.” (Muslim 34),


“… as his Prophet.”

in another narration of Tirmithy (2623). The meaning of this is that when someone is pleased with Allaah as his Lord, and Islaam as his religion and with Muhammad ﷺ as his Prophet and Messenger, at that point he will taste the sweetness of faith. When you taste the sweetness of faith everything necessitated by this faith becomes easy for him. It does not mean that he just says this statement with his tongue. It should be said, but at the same time he should act according to it. The meaning of being pleased is to surrender to Allaah, and to the fact he is your Lord, and that there is no deity worthy of worship besides him, following on from that, is obedience towards His Commands, and to stop from what He has forbidden. The same applies to the Messenger of    Allaah ﷺ, Islaam and the complete surrender that is required. Allaah’s help is sought in all of our affairs.